Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Own Take on Tim Russert

He was tough but fair, and always listened carefully to the answers.
He grilled both sides of the aisle equally, persistently, and with an unprecedented passion.
He was able to ask the tough question, yet keep from sounding obnoxious or confrontational.
He was a superstar in the news business, yet came across as one of us.
In the spin-control world of politics, he sought tirelessly for that elusive truth--and, more often than not, he got it out and into the open for us.
He helped us understand the difficult-to-understand, put the complexity of politics into common-folk language.
He was my favorite TV journalist.
He was a role model.
He made my Sundays.
He made me proud to be a journalist.
He will be missed and mourned and remembered fondly.

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