Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Mike: Do you prefer interview writing or another style?

Reader Question: Do you prefer "interview" writing or another style?

Mike: I don’t enjoy doing simple Q&As, even though they're much harder than they look, but I adore profile writing. It allows me to combine my talent as an in-depth interviewer with my skills as a narrative storyteller. I especially love interviewing very well-known people, who have been interviewed a zillion times before, and getting them to say something totally original, if not "drop themselves" so revealingly it makes news.

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chiccoreal said...

Dear Mike: What do you mean by "drop oneself"? Is that a form of opening up; become candid? I've not heard this term. You know a lot of interesting people and have done amazing things; when are you going to write your autobiography? Can't wait to read it!

Michael P. Geffner said...

Yes, means to reveal oneself. And indeed I've been asked about doing an autobiography many times. Thanks. Not ready yet, but maybe within the next five years. Best, Mike