Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 Random Things about me.....

10 Random Things about me.....

1. I lost my mother when I was 16 to breast cancer, just a month before my high school graduation, and I often say that my mother's death was the "best and worst thing that ever happened to me." Worst, for the obvious reasons. Best, in that it made me not only independent at a young age but determined to honor her life by achieving something great.

2) I'm often accused of being a bleeding-heart liberal, but I'm actually fiercely independent.

3) Every time I walk into a room, I alternately think I'm the best or worst person there. Am I alone in this feeling?

4) Despite being a fairly public person and someone who's appeared live on radio and TV before millions of people - and sound pretty good, if I don't say so myself - I'm often very shy in one-on-one situations.

5) My father was the greatest man I've ever known, a man of principle and character. A father and husband first, everything else a distant second.

6) I hate talking on the phone most of the time.

7) I get compliments for my blue eyes all the time. Not only from women but from men. Favorite compliment: "Wow, do they glow in the dark?"

8) My first girlfriend's name was Amy Fisher. Nooooooo, not THAT ONE!

9) I dont have many close friends, but the ones I do have couldn't be closer. They'd do anything for me and vice versa.

10) I may be a sports journalist, but the truth is, I almost never watch a sporting event unless I'm working it. In fact, I haven't been a fan for decades and, quite frankly, don't get the whole idea of being a fan of a team once you've entered adulthood. I guess I'm the weirdest sportswriter you know.

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chiccoreal said...

Dear Mike: Thank-you for your honest approach to discussing your randomness in life. Things may appear random, and then later we find out they were not random at all; they were just too large to understand at the time. Bright blue eyes eh? Nice!

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Many people think I'm a "bleeding heart liberal" too but I'm pretty politically independent. Some of the sweetest characters I've known (like police officers), have been die hard conservatives!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother.

I love these type of posts the best Mike.