Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Interviews with the great Tennessee Williams

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Scott Kenan said...

Absolutely the perfect evidence of lack of respect for America's best Writer ever filmed (and circulated by total assholes). Better, Sir, to have posted clip(s) from the DVD: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' SOUTH, which can be bought online.

I know of what I write. I was Mr. Williams' last significant assistant. See my Williams memoir: or my political blog: .

Thank you. I'm sure you knew not who you served.

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta/Mismaloya, Mexico

Michael P. Geffner said...

Mr. Kenan, In no way did I mean the posting of the video as a disrespect to Mr. Williams, who's one of my literary heroes. I simply thought it was an interesting piece of footage. I appreciate your comment and as a result I've added another of Mr. Williams' rare interviews. Thanks so much. MG