Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ernest Hemingway: Rough Diamond (clip)

This fascinating program re-creates a day in the life of one of America's most renowned writers, as he is being interviewed by a young reporter. Hemingway's roving reminiscences of his colorful life alternate with his own powerful recitations of passages from his books. This intriguing docudrama reveals Hemingway's personality, his lifestyle, and his abiding philosophy that "a man can be destroyed but not defeated."

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Gerri George said...

I’m a writer from the Philadelphia area and eagerly look forward to your mailings. You consistently mine the unconventional, the fascinating, the thought-provoking art, And “A day in the life of Hemingway”! It gives me hope that such authentic originality will continue to emerge from the minds of artists everywhere. And when I read it all, I'm lost in the moment (like the best art). Keep it coming. Gerri George

Sarah Jensen said...

I think saying that a man can be defeated but not destroyed is exactly what I needed for today.

There is such truth to that.

Destruction only comes from giving up. As long as we are trying, striving to improve, then defeat is but a small stumble in our quest. We will never be destroyed.

Thanks, Mike.