Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mike's Private Coaching Lessons

Mike's Private Coaching Lessons

Need a writing coach to pump you up and get your creative juices flowing? Need a writing mentor who doesn’t speak from theory but decades of experience in the center of the publishing arena, someone who has appeared in hundreds of major newspapers around the country and countless national magazines? Let me help you reach your writing dreams!

• Make your writing powerfully come to life
• Build the A, B, and C’s of a professional writing career
• Learn the secrets of full-time freelancing
• Talk to editors and come away with work
• Network your way through the publishing game
• Reach publishing powerbrokers
• Negotiate like a pro for high-dollar assignments
• Deal effectively with rejection, blocks, fear, procrastination, and other obstacles

And much, much more!
Write me at: mgeffy@gmail.com
15-minute phone sessions for $30, a half-hour for $50.

About me:

Michael P. Geffner has been a writer/journalist for over 30 years. He's appeared in hundreds of publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, Details, The Sporting News, Men's Health, Cigar Aficionado, The Village Voice, FHM, Texas Monthly, and Los Angeles Magazine. He has won two Associated Press Sports Editors awards, been awarded first place for magazine profile writing in 2000 by the Society of Professional Journalists (NJ), voted Best Sportswriter in New York City in 1990 by New York Press, and acknowledged for excellence seven times by the annual anthology, The Best American Sports Writing.

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chiccoreal said...

Dear Mike: I would so love to have you as a writing coach! What a dream that would be! Could you please let me know; the course length, what sort of format are the lessons, is the coaching one-on-one online (OOOO-sounds Oprah-ish!) courses, or tutorials about writing, workshops, etc.? Also, please could you discuss your tuition costs as per diem; how much will these lessons cost, etc. I have had acting coaching, and writing coaching in the past from some notables as James Reaney (playwright - Canadian), Roy McDonald (journalist - Canadian), Dan Needles, playwright, Jane Ransberry, poet, Paul Haggis, friend's brother, etc., etc., James Murphy, Director Stage Door (Huron County Playhouse (i was 16 at the time)..I forget all the wonderful teachers right now being some 30 years ago Old friend is an actress (Jacqui Pillon) and Patti Lyons works in film (I believe Lions Gate Productions from down under), I believe my relative works in Detroit for Car Magazine (love to meet him) as well as various artists interviews, etc.Plus I think I mentioned my cousin (all Teahen cousins are related and come from St Marys Ontario)...so anyway, yes, I have the pedigree (dog?)..so, there you go. Hope this helps! This will open up a new door to my future and I would love to go there! Thanks Mike; Jane Jones Canada

chiccoreal said...

ps My first cousin is Kelley-Teahen you have undoubtably heard of her; she was the PR person at The Festival Theatre, Stratford Ontario. She has written numerus articles for the London Free Press. Martha Blackburn (CEO Free Press aka Detroit and London Free Press) was a good friend of the family. Anyway, I have connections, just need to "connect"! Please get back to me on this thank-you, Mike