Friday, March 20, 2009

Guest Blog: Write it Forward

Write it Forward
By Maria Schneider
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I have to admit I’m getting depressed with watching the publishing industry implode. Rampant layoffs, imprints closing, magazines folding, it’s almost too much to bear.

Seeking some good news, Nathan Bransford has really been inspiring me lately, especially with the positivity week on his blog. I love that he’s not giving in to all of the doomsday talk surrounding publishing. Instead he’s using his platform as an agent to uplift writers. Read his last week’s worth of posts if you haven’t already.

So Nathan’s blog inspired me to think about what I could do to help the cause of not giving in to the publishing industry depression.

In that spirit I’d like to offer a few suggestions for how we can help other writers out through these difficult times.

Here are 10 ideas for how to inject a little positivity and help uplift the writing world. All of these things will cost you nothing but a bit of your time.

10 ways you can Write it Forward:

1. Offer to critique a writer’s work.

2. Visit writers’ blogs and leave supportive comments.

3. If you have a blog, mention other writers and link to their sites.

4. Write book reviews on your blog and link to the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

5. If you Twitter, link to an undiscovered writer’s site.

6. Get active on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and submit your favorite writers’ blogs.

7. Be on the lookout for new writers at local bookstore readings and events.

8. When you find a new writer you enjoy, send them an e-mail and let them know you appreciate their work.

9. Join a writers’ board and answer questions for new writers who are just finding their way.

10.If you already have a platform, use it to help promote other writers.

You’ll be amazed at how meaningful any of these seemingly small gestures can be when it comes to helping out a writer.

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1 comment:

Morgan Mandel said...

Those are great feel-good suggestions and can be very rewarding in more ways than one.

Morgan Mandel