Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 5 Quick Tricks to Doing a Great Interview

The 5 Quick Tricks to Doing a Great Interview

1) You want your subject "turned on," or speaking passionately. So, in advance, find out what the subject loves most in life and get him/her flowing immediately with questions about those things.

2) Have a set of prepared questions, based mostly on thorough research, but also be prepared to jump into a tangent if an interesting one arises. Which means you have to listen carefully.

3) Maintain eye contact and offer comforting nods of the head, but resist the temptation to fill in "uncomfortable pauses." It's during the subject's filling of those pauses that you'll usually get your best stuff.

4) In your notebook, jot down interesting reactions to your questions, such as unusual tone or body language.

5) Most importantly, make the interview NOT LIKE AN INTERVIEW. Make it natural. Make it like a conversation. Be like a trusted friend, even if you loathe the subject.

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