Saturday, April 12, 2008

Go with the writing flow

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Don Lafferty said...

A writer needs to recognize this phenomenon when they're in the flow and try to take inventory of the circumstances that surround it.

Is it early morning or late in the evening?

Is your environment quiet and solitary or are you in the midst of a bustling cafe'?

Are you writing under strict deadline or just for fun?

Are your feet cozy warm or a little chilly?

When you find yourself in that zone--when your writer mind is firing on all cylinders--understanding the physical and emotional details surrounding the situation enables you to recognize those things that allow your personal creativity to flow and reconstruct those circumstances in the future, giving yourself the best opportunity for productivity.

Peggy R. said...

I'm new to the writing experience. This idea of expressing myself with words has given me an outlet for my wistful meanderings down romantic lanes, for rages that spill from my tormented, angry soul, for joys that can't be contained within my heart.

The flow you speak of happens when I least expect it. It overcomes me and I need to find paper and pen as quickly as possible for I know that if I don't, the moment will be lost.

Maybe a training of my thoughts will help me to keep them quiet. Tell them to wait until later. Right now they are as unruly children wanting attention NOW and I as a loving Mother will give in.

Here's to wonderful creations from all who dare to put thoughts to paper!

Thanks, Peggy R.