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Writing Podcast

Are you like other writers?
Find out. Listen to The Writing Show, where authors and screenwriters reveal:
• How they work
• What they worry about
• How they make their writing sparkle
• How they deal with obstacles
• How they market
• Why they write.
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The Writing Show, where writing is always the story.
Information and inspiration for writers.

Poetic Expressions: Personalized Poetry for All Occasions

For personalized gifts of special intent, let us make your dreams come true.

Let us help you give the gift of a lifetime. A memory that lasts forever!

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New and established markets. Submission guidelines/leads.

You'll receive today via email Newsflash. Best for poetry, short prose, book projects. Writer's Relief, Inc. (866) 405-3003

We'll share our know-how with you.
In our 15th Year!

Award-winning author/editor:
Lea Schizas Editing Services

My commitment is to help you tighten your manuscript before it’s submitted to agents or publishers. I offer you quality service at competitive rates. We'll work together until we both agree the manuscript is ready to go out to publishers.
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The Spencer Hotel & Spa’s Writers’ Workshops
Release the words inside you at the world-renowned Chautauqua Institution’s cultural learning center!
• Five days of work will involve reading, writing, sharing, and discussion
• Discuss issues that challenge writers
• Generate new material through in session writing exercises
• Become a "community" of fellow writers
• Learn how to become published on the process of submitting poems, short stories, essays
• Passionate guidance will send you home renewed-ready to write more clearly, more beautifully, more deeply than ever before
• Discover a stronger sense of story and your own voice
Phone:(800) 398-1306
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Expert editorial services: Good writing always matters!

All writers benefit from professional, responsive, and timely editorial services. Precise Edit can help you improve your manuscript—and your chances for publication—with comprehensive review and analysis, content editing, proofreading, and formatting. We will help you accomplish your writing goals.

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More Senior Moments—A Book For Seniors
More Senior Moments is a companion book to David W. Silva's Senior Moments. It was a finalist in the National Best Books 2007 Award. It contains strategies and stories that help seniors deal with the problems of aging such as depression, loneliness, loss of independence, self identity and chronic illness. The book contains well though out and simple advice to help seniors accept aging as a challenge instead of a negative burden.
More details can be found at:


Tell your personal story for a new book by Paula B., host of The Writing Show.

Has your writing—or someone else’s—made a difference in your life? Share your experience and inspire other writers! Social, family, career, personal, spiritual, educational, philosophical, etc.
I would love to hear from you! If you would like your story to be considered for my book, please contact me at or is a developing public service website for aspiring writers and industry professionals.

• Currently we need industry professionals to provide: (Our opening theme is fear)
• Tour schedules
• Articles on the craft
• Promotional articles
• Press releases
• Links to writing industry web-sites, including publicity sites

Agents, editors, published authors and professors may request an invitation join our “peer-only” forum. Send your request to:

Please include your name, web address, and your e-mail as listed on the web-site. The information will help us keep imposters from the restricted forum.

Dar's Corrections
"Your words perfected"

• Copyediting & Proofreading: Books, short stories, articles, reports, essays, theses
• Transcription (microcassette & digital recordings)
• Document duplication and design (medical/dental charts and notices)
• Speechwriting & Ghostwriting
Per hour, per page and per word rates

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We have worked quietly with books since 1972. Design, typesetting, pre-press, printing.
Visit—where words are handled with the utmost care.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Professional Writer?

Find out with A Professional Writer’s Ladder to Success!
If you’ve…
•dabbled in writing and wondered whether you should pursue it as a career,
•been struggling with some aspects of your writing business,
•decided to make a mid-life career change and have thought about being a writer,

This e-book series is for you! Find out more at:

THE LAST WHALE - Narrative Nonfiction

Read the blog about the upcoming book, a 1970s story of hippies Vs whalers set in the Southern Ocean during Greenpeace's first direct action in Australia. It's a true story that for the first time gets inside the heads of whalers and anti-whaling activists as they duel
across wild seas.

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Bad Girl by Maya Reynolds: A sizzling debut novel of sex and suspense.

The Bookhabit Unpublished Competition is running an international competition for unpublished books.
It's free to enter and open to all genres—50,000 words or more. The prize for the overall winner of the competition is US$5000.
The competition is open for submissions from 3 March - 11 May 2008. Each week 6 finalists are picked to go to the next round. The overall winner will be chosen by a jury and announced on 24 June 2008.
Details can be found at or

Secret Knowledge can be found in the tarot cards

Will your novel be a BEST SELLER? Are you destined for greatness? Do you have the right agent for your project? Should you put your energy into writing project #1 or writing project #2? Let Debby Inkdreamer consult the tarot cards for you. $25 at:


Helps writers to think outside the yellow box.

• Winter 2008 workshops begin Feb 4

• Non-Fiction Pitch Conference, Feb 22 – 24: pitch your book/proposal to editors from major New York publishing houses

• NYC Pitch & Shop, Apr 24 – 27: pitch your novel to editors from major New York publishing houses

Details at:

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