Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tim McMullen's Poems about Writing

Three poems—"Creative Writing," "Mutterances," and "Immemorial Art"—about the impact of writing and music. Poetical intro to the song, "I Don't Write Much Anymore."

Creative Writing

Ten students sat squirming in class
Writing poems and sighing, "Alas,
I sit wasting my time
On unrhymable rhyme...
If I don't finish soon, I won't pass!"


The random articulation of thought
Has a certain innate appeal
To an unkempt mind
Like mine
And an ability to surprise
Even the best
Of a bad situation.

Immemorial Art (moved to tears)

The pages are barely back to the shelf
Before their words,
Which splash on my organs
With blood and sweat
And other salty excretions,
Have dribbled away—
Wiped away—

The stages are only silent seconds
After the sounds and strings cease to vibrate
And are sucked out the doors by the thousands.

I can hum!
But the music can't recollect me
Or the song
Or the telephone transformers buzzing.

Who am I to argue?

All poems written by Tim McMullen
©2007 All Rights Reserved
Category: Music
Tim McMullen

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