Thursday, January 22, 2009

Affirmations to Write By

I’m exceedingly disciplined and therefore allow myself plenty of time for writing projects.

I think about my writing projects even when I am not actively working on them and take notes about those thoughts when they arise.

I’m very organized and use a form of outlining that works best for me, using my outline to guide me through my work but still allowing myself to be inspired outside its boundaries.

I understand my needs as a writer, making sure they are met, but I am constantly reassessing those needs and changing them.

I find a congenial, relaxing place to write, allowing my ideas to flow easily.

I make sure to make writing a priority, refusing to give into procrastination.

I think writer's block is a silly phrase, since I always have something to say and often too many ideas to write them down in only one session.

I pace myself as a writer, allowing myself times to refill my creative cup.

I use a dictionary, thesaurus, and other tools to help me write well.

I read works by writers whom I admire, which inspires me as well as allows me to see, through careful study, their greatness.

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