Monday, January 26, 2009

Idea of the Day

I’m asking you to do something important today, something that won't be easy.

I’m asking you to move—and stay on the move.

That’s right.

I’m asking you to pursue your dream of being a professional writer by whipping yourself into a creative frenzy: starting, working on, and finishing your stories; thinking of and writing pitches; making phone calls and sending put query letters to editors; reading writing books; register for writing classes, etc.

You get the idea.

What I’ve learned through experience is that action breeds action.

Try it and you’ll see for yourself. Once you’re moving, especially in a forward direction, you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to do more and more.

It’s incredibly easy to get discouraged in this business, getting so frustrated that you procrastinate yourself into inaction, into utter stagnation, and into losing precious hours toward furthering your goals.

So make me—and, more importantly, yourself—a promise today: No matter how much the odds seem against you at times, keep moving forward toward your dream...until you finally snatch it for your own!

Best always and stay positive,


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