Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writer’s Block: A Poem

Writer’s Block: A Poem

I stare at this page
With my rage in my hand
I'm freed from my cage
On this stage where I stand
It's all played unplanned
As I've panned here for gold
I await something great
Just a break from the old
My story unfolds
So it's told as I'm speakin'
While I feel like a faucet
That's caustic and leakin'
Tonight my mind's freakin'
I'm knee-deep in doubt
As I wait for the courage
In my words to seep out
I creep through the clout
And reroute my steps
Then I come about
Towards the bout that I left
Disconnect from the stress
Resurrect, now it's true
I'll bust through this rut
If it's the last thing I do


© 2007 – Forman Lauren

Forman Lauren, of Long Island, New York, is as much a literary juggler as poet, delicately balancing cadenced fury with metrical musings. She has published a collection of her work, MindSpace, records audio clips of her work, and performs regularly at poetry slams.

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