Saturday, September 26, 2009

Future of Journalism: David Mathison

David Mathison Publisher at BE THE MEDIA
CEO at natural E creative group, LLC

I asked:

Is print journalism dead? Will newspapers shrivel up and die? Will magazines survive? Or will everything simply go online eventually and read for free? And what does that mean for those wanting decent-paying careers in journalism?

Mr. Mathison's response:

In most media fields the container maybe dead, but the industry is thriving. The CD is dead but music is thriving (see MySpace, iTunes); Books are dead but publishing is thriving (see web sites, blogs, wikis, eBooks, POD); VHS/DVDs are dead but video is thriving (YouTube, Blip, iTunes, iPods); Newspapers are dead but journalism is thriving (citizen journalism, blogs, web sites, etc). There's also the explosion of creative writing via social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, digg, reddit, blogs, etc. We are in the middle of a renaissance period unlike any other.

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