Sunday, September 20, 2009

Future of Journalism: Jimmy Jellinek

Jimmy Jellinek
Editorial Director of Playboy Magazine/
Former Editor-in-Chief of Maxim, Stuff, and Complex

I asked Mr. Jellinek:

What do you tell young, aspiring journalists about the future of the business? Can you still be encouraging? What advice do you give them?

His response:

Story telling is the most ancient form of communication. No matter what platform - a painting on a wall to a post on a blog - people will seek out the news and have a need to tell it. Whether or not you will get paid a living wage to do that is a different story. That said amongst the clatter of a million voices it is the job of an editor to know good from bad and provide context to all the noise. Beyond that you just have to be that much better than everybody else at what you do.

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1 comment:

Gerri George said...

Well said.

Uniqueness will show through when a writer develops the habit of an imaginative approach to his or her work. It will stand out.