Monday, September 21, 2009

Tip of the Day: Getting Started

Getting started....
By Brenna Lyons
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So, you’re writing a novel. What do you have to worry about? And what shouldn’t you?

Don’t worry about the length of the finished product, the market you’re aiming for (unless you’re writing process depends on it), genre, editing, chapter length, chapter headers (if you choose to use them), having a full grasp of your characters and/or plot (even if you are a plotter, by nature), pen names, copyright, or the perfect hook or the perfect first line.

All of these things are changeable, and none of them have anything to do with getting the book written. Many of them are best handled during the self-editing process. You could have half the book written, if you waste time worrying about these things during the writing process.

What do you have to consider?

*Creating a word flow that works for you.

*Setting comfortable goals for writing.

*Organizing skills- how much structure you want or need in your writing.

*Early networking with other authors and industry professionals.

*Creating a web presence for yourself/your writing.

*Respecting the copyright and trademark of others in your writing.

*Learning the major no-no’s that publishers avoid, for legal or perception/audience reasons: no kiddie porn, no incest, etc.

*Honing your craft; figure out what your weaknesses are and address them.

*Learning the industry terms and how to apply them.

*Presenting yourself professionally

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