Saturday, September 19, 2009

Future of Journalism: Mike Dolan

Mike Dolan
Former Executive Editor of Maxim and FHM

I asked Mr. Dolan:

What do you tell young, aspiring journalists about the future of the business? Can you still be encouraging? What advice do you give them?

His response:

Don't be nostalgic. The world needs smart, intellectually curious people who can tell stories. The technology may change. The delivery system might be different. But that skill will always be in demand. My other advice would be not to label yourself. Don't be just a "newspaper journalist" or a "magazine writer." I think so many people have adapted these labels as their identity that they feel left behind by all the changes in the industry. Do what you think is fun and interesting. And the words of Woodward and Bernstein still ring true: "Follow the money."

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