Monday, September 21, 2009

Time to Take Stock

With summer ending and fall beginning, it’s a great time for all of us writers to take stock of ourselves and see where we are in our careers, to look objectively, if not brutally, at how we’re pursuing and achieving our goals - or not.

Ask yourself:

Am I progressing at a reasonable rate?

Am I following my career plans and strategies?

Am I working hard enough at the craft?

Am I writing enough?

Am I developing better discipline?

Am I pitching editors enough?

Am I becoming a better and better writer?

Am I excited about my work?

Am I getting to know more and more editors and building a network on which I can rely?

Am I staying on schedule with my projects?

Am I getting paid enough for my stories?

Am I networking enough with industry powerbrokers?

Am I using the social networks enough to meet successful writers and editors?

If you’re answering no to too many of these questions, you definitely need to undergo a severe writing-career makeover.

Why are these things not happening for you?

And how do you go about changing that?

Are you serious about this goal of becoming a professional writer or simply in love with the dream?

I encourage each and every one of you to spend time this week, if only for an hour, to work on finding out exactly where you stand—and please, for your sake more than anyone’s, be honest with yourself. It’s the only way to discover your inner truth.

Good luck!

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