Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Perfectly Delineated Writing Message Board!

Here it is!

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Please tell me what you think, join in with posts, and offer suggestions for other categories. Best, Moderator Mike

General Member Introductions
Introduce yourself to members (such as: what you write, what your goals/needs/desires are, etc.)

All Things Writing
A place to discuss the art & craft of writing (instruction, information, inspiration, etc.)

Newbies Hangout
A place for new and/or aspiring writers to mingle

Critique Corner
A place to post your work for member review (WARNING: Post at your own risk. You might be torn apart)

All Things Fiction (Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Drama, etc.)
A place for novelists and short story writers to discuss writing made with the imagination

All Things Poetry
A place to discuss poetry, as well as to post your own poems or share favorites by the masters

All Things Writing Freelance
A place to discuss the crazy, up-and-down life of being a mercenary writer

All Things Screenwriting/Playwriting
A place to discuss writing for the stage and screen

All Things Journalism/Nonfiction Writing
A place for journalists to discuss writing about the real world

Flashing Fiction
A place to discuss the interesting art form of flash fiction, as well as to post your own stories of 1,000 words or less

All Things Comedy Writing
A place for the yuksters among us to discuss their peculiar bent

What You Are Reading
A place to discuss with other members what you are currently reading

A place to announce book signings, book releases, personal news, contests, special writing events, etc.

Writing Resource Sites
A place to drop your favorite sites

Job Hunting
A place to share legit job boards, leads, strategies, etc.

Writing Conferences, Retreats, Workshops/Calendar of Events
A place to share the dates of special writing events

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