Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogging: Choose Your Words Carefully

Blogging: Choose Your Words Carefully
By Maria Schneider
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I’ve been reading a lot of writing blogs lately and I’ve noticed a curious trend to write longer posts. In general, it’s more effective to keep your blog posts down to 500 words or fewer. If you’ve got good stuff, sure go longer occasionally. But let it be a conscious decision.

If you’re a blogger who’s writing lengthy posts on a regular basis and getting the readership and feedback you want, of course you should keep it up. Then get on here and tell us how you’re doing it, because we all want to know!

The thing is, If you’re a writer who’s accustomed to writing for magazines or books, blogging is an entirely different medium and it’s crucial to choose your words carefully.

Here’s why:
• Most readers don’t scroll to see what’s beyond the fold; if they do it won’t be beyond 2 1/2 screens.
• People read 25% slower from screens than from paper.
• Resolution of a computer screen is 30X lower than resolution of a printed page.

Just something to think about. What’s your take?

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