Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Freelance Writer Is...

A freelance writer is...

part thinker.

part idea catcher.

part hustler.

part email/letter sender.

part sit-around-and-wait-er

part negotiator.

part whore.

part researcher.

part fact checker.

part interviewer.

part muller.

part bill collector.

And, if we're very, very lucky, part serious writer.


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Morgan Mandel said...

If you have enough of them out at one time, I guess it could get your mind off of thinking about each one.

I should try it again. A while back, I did human interest articles for the Daily Herald, but it didn't pay much. I should look into doing magazine articles. I hear they pay very well.

Morgan Mandel

Rose said...

Thank you, I really needed that today to be reminded that all the "not writing" stuff I do really is part of my job!

sapheyerblu said...

LOL, that is the most honest look at the life of a freelance writer I've ever seen.

Thanks Mike. :)