Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lewis Black about Writing

Warning: Adult Language

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Criss said...

I've heard authors talk about typewriter v. computer, and how they can write on one but not the other, but I hadn't really thought about keyboard v. pen.

I'm very comfortable typing, even though I'm not the greatest typist (I don't hunt and peck, but I do have to look at my hands and the backspace button is my good, good friend); every now and then I like to pick up a pencil but then I hate typing up what I've written (I want to edit too much, or I end up elaborating on something or other and the typed work is completely different from the handwritten original...)

Thanks for sharing the video!

Stiennon said...

I can see how he draws a distinction between blogging and writing. I calculate I have written 350K words in 750 blog posts and I have never written a book. Blogging is so immediate. You have a thought and out it comes.

I am hoping that blogging is good practice for writing a book. Maybe even therapy.