Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random House Prevails in Battle for Diane Keaton's Memoir

Random House Prevails in Battle for Diane Keaton's Memoir
by Leon Neyfakh

A long competition over Diane Keaton’s memoir, which compelled some of New York’s busiest editors and publishers to clear their schedules last week and fly to Los Angeles to meet the actress, drew to a close Friday night.

The winner—sorry HarperCollins, Ecco, and Little, Brown—was the flagship imprint of Random House. David Ebershoff, who has edited Norman Mailer, Gary Shteyngart, and Charles Bock, will work with Ms. Keaton, who intends to write the book herself instead of using a ghostwriter.

William Morris agent Bill Clegg, who sold Ms. Keaton's book and presided over the meetings, said last Monday that Ms. Keaton's book "could be an enduring book about mothers and daughters and the choices that women of her generation and her mother’s could make and did."

Mr. Clegg, who took final offers for Ms. Keaton’s book after the publishers pursuing it came back from Los Angles late last week, declined to comment on the deal this morning.

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Morgan Mandel said...

I can only dream that some day they'll fight over my book.

Morgan Mandel