Monday, February 9, 2009

What Daily Journalists Are Like

What Daily Journalists Are Like

We're a tough, hard, cynical, skeptical, nutty bunch. Our motto: Listen to all, trust no one. Read everything, believe nothing.

We dig and dig and dig every day, Googling like mad, pounding the pavement, and talking on the phone to anyone who'll talk to us back. In the end, relentlessness wins the war.

We write mostly with our hearts beating like crazy, sometimes without really thinking, almost always glancing every minute at our watch.

We write whether we want to or not, we can't wait for inspiration. Deadlines rule!

We have little or no time to polish. We go with our gut, give it the once over, then, grudgingly, rely on the man or woman in the slot to provide a safety net that, infruriatingly, is rarely there.

We finish one story, then we're immediately onto another.

We live for the adrenaline rush and getting the job done right and the occasional scoop and, if we're especially lucky, a good night's sleep.

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