Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Blog is Back Up and Running! Computer Fixed!

I've suffered through a broken laptop the last three weeks. Went through a series of error messages, black screens, wild-running cursors, and, maybe most infuriating of all, a space bar that wouldn't provide spaces (even when I hit it occasionally with my fist). Ugh. It seemed like forever I hadn't a computer. Drove me crazy not to have it. I admit my addiction now. But with a new hard drive cloned from my other and a new keyboard, we're ready to rock and roll again. At least for now. Wish me luck. Please, no more problems until at least pick up one of those really cute netbooks. And I hope I didn't lose anybody these last few weeks, thinking that I gave up on this blog. Keep the faith, Mike

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Unknown said...

Glad it's just your laptop and your health is ok. Happy holidays to you!

Lynn said...

Glad you're back, Mike.