Sunday, December 27, 2009

Knocking Their Socks Off?

Knocking Their Socks Off?
By Michael Levy

They say all that glitters is not gold, but in the writer’s world of Hollywood a few bags of gold can help put a writer into films...But, is that what the writer really wanted?

Many writers do dream of fame and fortune. Indeed, if they learn the tricks of the trade, even a mediocre writer can become well known with scripts accepted to make mediocre movies.

The methods suggested by “the experts” are to employ an army of assistants from agents, lawyers, researchers, personal managers and publicists and more. I guess that is where a few bags of gold to start with can come in handy... for they do not come cheap.

The writer is then required to become a social animal. Being seen at all the right parties is essential to become part of the big time scene. Image making is the order of the day and the writer has to become a part of the jigsaw, an integral piece that has always fitted into the correct space.

Of course, mixing with the creme-de-la-creme gives budding writers an excellent opportunity to *fall in love* with their beloved dream mate (one who can open all the doors of fortune) and you can't get more romantic than that ... can you?

Many writers have found their way into movies by letting the publicity machine do their walking and talking and I am not criticizing or condemning those folks who have walked this path. The question writers must ask themselves is, "What do I want out of life."

Does the writer want to put his/her energy into writing great works, or is it more important to brown nose the power brokers who make the decisions on who or what is accepted in the land of media mania?

Do writers come to terms with reality in today's hi-tech driven world and jump on the band wagon of hype... or, do they carry on writing and not prostitute their soul for a Beverly Hills mansion ?...The answers are blowing in the winds of time. Anyone who becomes endowed with the intelligence of a season’s breeze will find the authentic answers to the writer’s world of true prosperity.

There are no correct or wrong methods of gaining success, for being a writer is a personal quest. There are no real guidelines to true success as a writer that are written in stone. However, there is no doubt that any writer who has a significant, meaningful message to voice to the world ... will eventually be heard.

The more their intelligence and intellect are used for their correct purpose...... the more valuable their writing becomes.

So the question really boils down to ... does the writer want to produce great works of value, merit and virtue for humanity to savor, or is theirs a quest only to seek fame and fortune? Does the writer want Gucci shoes and Cartier diamonds?... or does he/she want to walk barefoot and *Knock their socks off?*

Who knows ... maybe they can have it all?

Michael Levy is the author of seven books. His inspirational poetry and essays appear on many assorted web sites, as well as in journals and magazines throughout the world. He’s an expert columnist for Positive Health magazine, the leading complimentary health publication in the UK, and has been published by The Royal Collage of Psychiatry many times over the past three years.

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