Sunday, October 25, 2009

Athena Reich's Music Video - Love is Love

Athena told me about this video:

"This song is from my newest album LITTLE GIRL DREAMS. An interesting thing about this video is that I made all the art work of the flowers and landscape. I got into visual arts a ...couple of years ago when I had to be mute for a few months due to vocal chord problems.

"I made this a week after my girlfriend and I broke up. So basically we were still in love but going through that terrible transition of a break-up. The filmmaker, George Lyter, was in love with the idea of using Annica because of the chemistry he had seen that we had, in past youtube videos where she had sung back-up for me. I put out a casting call but found it really hard to 'replace' Annica. So I went ahead and asked her if she still wanted to be in the video and she said she did (The original plan, before we broke up, was for her to be in the video with me).

"It was crazy to 'act' like we were together that weekend, while shooting the video. But it was also a way of celebrating what we had together - LOVE IS LOVE after all and "For all you've gained and all you've lost, Love is always worth the cost". It was emotional, difficult, a total high and crazy filming the video in one weekend. But we did it and that marked the end of our relationship. We will always have a video to celebrate the good times we had and, like I say in the song, 'No one tells you love is crazy, and can catch you from behind... But Love is ALWAYS worth the cost.'"

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