Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seth Porges: Breaking into Magazines These Days

In his interview with the American Society of Magazine Editors, Seth Porges, the associated editor for Popular Mechanics, said this:

A lot of magazines are facing unfortunate cutbacks these days. If you're an intern or junior staffer, find out what departments have been hit the hardest and offer to help pick up some of their slack. Everybody will appreciate it.

And take whatever it is you are passionate about, no matter how off-base it may seem, and try to find an angle that could make it a story for your magazine. For some bizarre reason, I am fascinated with pinball and have found excuses to write about the topic for a half-dozen magazines over the past few years. This includes ones you'd never think would have any reason to ever print anything about pinball. If I can do it with pinball, you can do it with whatever it is you are interested in.

Here's the whole interview:
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