Saturday, October 31, 2009

Writing Habits

Responding to my post about writing habits, blog reader Lora Mitchell sent me hers:

1. I write at my desk or comfortable recliner.
2. I also do my best writing at night - often until dawn. (a benefit of being retired).
3. I often take time to read something before I sit down to write.
4. I like this, Will work on it.
5. Great idea. Which vocabulary books do you suggest?
6. Lucky you. No caffeine for me. Doc's orders.
7. I take walks during the day to get exercise and fresh air.
8. I often write 5-6 hours straight or until the bum gets sore.
9. I catch up on my reading while taking long bubble baths.
10. A notepad is always at my bedside table. First thing in the morning, still in the lazy, dreamy state, I often get a solution to a current project ~ or struck by a fresh idea for a story A few weeks. ago, I had such an unusual, vivid dream, I quickly jotted down a synopsis, got to my laptop after a quickie breakfast and gave birth to a lovely short story.

Check out Lora's journal at:
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What are YOUR writing habits?

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1 comment:

Stef said...

I'm a night writer as well. Unfortunately, I have work / school early in the morning every day so I can't stay up as late as I'd like, but if I get a few hours of chill / writing time laying in my bed before I go to sleep, I'm good to go. I'm sure this does horrible things to my sleeping habits, but I don't mind. haha Anything to get my writing time in. :)