Sunday, October 4, 2009

Future of Journalism: Stanley Mieses

Stanley Mieses
Writer, Editor, Broadcaster at National Public Radio
Former Staff Writer for The New Yorker, Features Editor for New York Newsday, Staff Writer for the New York Daily News

When I posted the Future of Journalism questions on my Facebook page, Mr. Mieses chimed in:

I would say do NOT start your own blog. . .you cannot learn anything by being self-indulgent. Someone else said it the other day....don't major in journalism, rather, gain an expertise or an informed familiarity in a particular field; the problem with 99 per cent of the bloggers out there is that they DO NOT KNOW more than you or I--anyone can invent attitude. Find someone to learn from. Read. When you think you have three words to say, swallow two.

You get into journalism to become the interlocutor between what "they" want the public to know, and what the public ought to or needs to know...whether it's government, institution, corporation or your local boutique or restaurant. The rest is marketing: "To keep the light shining on yourself." If it's old-fashioned to let the work do the talking for you, then I am happily old-fash…but in the end THE WORK is your personal brand.

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