Saturday, October 3, 2009

Confessions of a Blog Addict

Confessions of a Blog Addict
By Michael P. Geffner

You know you’re addicted to your blog when...

1) You get terribly depressed when your monthly “unique visitors” is down by a smidgen of a percent.
2) You check Google Analytics every five minutes just to see if you’ve gotten more page hits.
3) You dream constantly of, if not obsess upon, the words “Digg” and “StumbleUpon” and “”
4) You change the font 20 times in just a couple of hours and the color around 50, frantically going up or down, down and up a single shade.
5) You are utterly convinced that virtually everything you do in your life is worthy of a post. And if something you did wasn't, well, you vow never to do that thing ever again.
6) You think about your blog while eating out with friends, or even when you're in the bathroom.
7) You Google the name of your blog at least once a day simply to see who’s mentioning it.
8) You get goose bumps when you think you written a great post.
9) You thoroughly loathe people who don't visit your blog after you've invited them.
10) You pull up your blog five times a day just to stare at it lovingly.
11) You check your Adsense numbers more than your bank account.
12) You suffer withdrawal symptoms, like the shakes or a twitching eye, if you haven’t blogged in an hour.
13) You take three seconds or less from the time you finish your post to sharing it on Twitter.
14) You get incredibly sad that no one has commented on your last post.
15) You wake up from a deep sleep just to post something, then go right back to bed.
16) You sometimes whisper the letters RSS as if it were a mantra.
17) You look at your bio and it ALWAYS looks wrong.
18) You will do anything, even something a tad undignified, simply for a little link love.
19) You break into a feverish sweat while desperately searching for the “perfect” image to go along with your post.
20) You alternately think your blog is absolutely brilliant, or totally sucks.

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very funny.