Saturday, February 28, 2009

4 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer/Journalist Should Know

1) #journchat
Journalist-to-Journalist, Journalist-to-P.R. People Chat
Click here
Host: Sarah Evans
Click here

2) #editorchat
Writer-to-Editor Chat
Click here
Co-Host: Tim Beyers
Click here
Co-Host: Lydia Dishman
Click here

3) #journ2journ
Journalist-to-Journalist Chat
Click here
Acting Host: Chuck Welch
Click here

4) #writechat
Sunday Afternoon Writing Salon, 12-3PM (PST)
Host: Julie Isaac
Click here

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Judy said...

Good info, Mike! I'd add #queryfail. Just started, run by @Colleen_Lindsay. Much wisdom, lots of hilarious gaffes made by real submitters that agents share for the purpose of ppl learning from others' experience.

Christopher Pimental said...

Good post, Mike.