Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Read My Friend's Terrific Column on Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod should learn what real suffering is
By Wallace Matthews
February 18, 2009

Don Hooton is not the first person to misjudge Alex Rodriguez, nor the only one to expect things from him that he cannot possibly deliver. He is only the latest.

But if Alex Rodriguez lets Don Hooton down, as I have every suspicion he will, it will be a whole lot worse than letting down Joe Torre or a city full of Yankees fans.

"Alex has a unique, extremely important message he can deliver to young people," Hooton said. "He can keep these kids away from these drugs and save their lives."

Hooton is a man who has suffered the true consequences of steroid abuse, having lost his 17-year-old son, Taylor, to a suicide blamed on steroid-induced depression.

Rodriguez, of course, is a man for whom there is neither truth nor consequences, as he demonstrated again yesterday in his latest shameless and insulting attempt to double-talk his way out of a positive steroid test.

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