Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have You Noticed? This Blog is Evolving!

Yes! It's definitely happening. Albeit slowly. A barely-perceptible shift every week. Have you noticed? This blog, for sure, is about being purely a writing resource anymore, but about all things media and social media and citizen journalism; about things breaking in the news, even if it's A-Rod admitting his use of steroids; and, yes, most surprising, at least to me, it's becoming more about ME. Like my deep loves and hates of being a writer. Like my spewing forth of what's real and not real about the life and bsuiness of it. Like the backstories of my freelance experiences, the nightmares and, on the way soon, the dreams. I worried about all this at first, wondering if I was letting my eye come off the ball, losing focus of my original target. But I actually love the way it's turning out. Love the creative freedom of it all. The stretching of this way and that. The unfiltered passion. The idea that it's just ME and YOU, and wherever that leads us, well, so be it. Amen to the continuing evolution, gloriously energizing, that's sure to follow! Stay with me on this interesting adventure, guys. I promise not to let you down. And I promise you some really great things to come. I can feel it.

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Kathryn Magendie said...

I started my first MSN blog as a journey to publication and it evolved into so much more. Then I began the tender graces blog to talk about tender graces, and what happens? I talk about all manner of things *laugh* -- it's the nature of the Blog Beast and that's what's so great about it...have fun!

Getting ready to link you on my blog.